Post 1 Title - ringin' in a brand new blogStarting a blog was one of my 2014 resolutions, which, like many new year’s resolutions, never happened!  Now that 2015 is here (crazy how time flies!), I’ve vowed that this year I’m going to make it happen!  In addition to starting a blog, I’ve landed upon a few other goals I want to accomplish this year, and I’m posting them right here, right now to keep myself honest.  These goals will also likely make up some of the content I share with the world on my brand new blog!

Post 1 Content - resolutions

It’s already mid-January (again, crazy how time flies!), so you might be wondering why I am a couple of weeks late in kicking off my resolutions.  2015 has started off completely different than any of my previous years, as I lost a grandfather (whom we call “papa”) on new year’s day.  Needless to say, this year has definitely had a melancholy beginning.  However, my papa lived a life full of fun and adventure, so in honor of him, I dedicate this year of blogging and all of the creativity, living, and love that will make up its content to him!  Papa

Fun fact, my papa was an identical twin!  How cute is this baby photo of he and his twin brother?  The second photo is of my papa with myself (out in front), cousins, and sister.  He will be very dearly missed, but always remembered!

xo, emily

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