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Calligraphy is a “hobby” I picked up a little over a year ago, shortly after planning for my wedding ended and I was having major withdrawals for all things wedding!  I also love crafting but without my parent’s garage (apologies to my Dad for many, many messes), and limited space in my New York City apartment, most projects weren’t really feasible.   Calligraphy is the perfect big city craft because the supplies are small and you can write/draw/design almost anywhere!  After plowing through a few classes (thanks I Still Love Calligraphy and Paperfinger) and a few books (my favorite is Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe) I began taking on some small projects for friends and opened up my very own shop on Etsy.

I’m guilty of not taking nearly enough pictures of the calligraphy projects I’ve done thus far, but I just received my little sister’s wedding invitation in the mail (I addressed all of the envelopes and also worked with DM Paper Designs to provide calligraphy for parts of the invitation suite) and thought I’d share some images here!

Calligraphy Envelope

Invitation Suite


Interested in working with me on a calligraphy project?  Email me at

xo, emily

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  1. Received Amy’s invitation last week and stared at the beautiful calligraphy for a good 5 minutes before opening it. What a stunning invite! You’re on your way to a great calligraphy business!

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