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When I first started this blog, I didn’t really intend to put any personal, “life” information on it.  Now that I’ve gotten rolling I’ve decided that through the occasional “life” blog post I can keep a record of my life and of all of the (mostly) up’s and (a few) down’s I experience living in NYC.  With the complete expectation that the only people interested in these types of posts will be my parents (hopefully?) and my husband (who has no other choice), here I go.  Welcome to my first “weekly wrap up.”

We’ve been traveling like crazy lately so we decided to stay in the city for Memorial Day weekend this year.  We had big plans including Coney Island, Ellis Island, Governor’s Island, and museums (we obviously have no shame in being tourists in our own city), but what we ended up doing was a lot of eating and a lot of veggin’ out in Central Park.  It was perfection and just what we needed.

Central Park
On Friday night, JC met me downtown after work and we booked it to the West Village where all of our favorite restaurants and bars live.  We had dinner at Diablo Royale.  The best part about Diablo is that it has the best queso in New York City.  Hands down.  I had a “Diablo Ricky” (a delightful combination of beer and frozen margarita) and a very yummy chile relleno.  After dinner we stopped by a couple of Greenwich Village jazz bars.  And by “stopped by” I mean we stayed too late and had a few too many drinks!  We went to 55 Bar first and ended up at Arthur’s Tavern, which is always a really good time!
We spent most of the day Saturday binge watching Netflix’s “The Killing.”  We eventually felt guilty about not making the most of the beautiful day, so we ventured out to Randall’s Island for a round of miniature golf and the driving range.

I tried a new church Sunday morning, the 4th Methodist church I’ve tried in Manhattan.  Finding a regular church (and going to church in general) has been a struggle for me while living in the city, but I always have a better week if I go, so I’m really going to try to make a bigger effort.  We spent the rest of the day in Central Park just lounging.  It was magical.  Seriously.

I spent the morning Monday working on a blog post and then we walked around Hell’s Kitchen looking for a place to eat lunch.  We landed on another Mexican joint called El Centro.  El Centro had really good, bang-for-your-buck sangria.  It also shares a name with one of the college bars I frequented way back when, brownie points.  I got a phenomenal breakfast burrito and JC got a phenomenal chilaquiles (described on the menu as a “Mexican casserole”).  It is RARE to find one good Mexican restaurant in NYC, let alone two in one weekend.  After lunch we headed back to the park for another lovely, lazy day in the center of the concrete jungle.

Lula Mae in Central Park

One last photo of our pup, Lula Mae, who loves having Central Park as her backyard (at least in the warm weather seasons).  Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

xo, emily


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