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I’m always looking for ways to update our apartment (much to my husband’s dismay, although I will say, he does usually see the aesthetic “value” after my updates are complete).  We live in a rental, so I try to be smart about the changes that we make.  Our little kitchen is one particular sore spot, the finishes and fixtures are certainly not what I would have picked had I been able to choose.  I recently swapped out kitchen hardware in a client’s rental apartment and was quite surprised by the dramatic impact this seemingly small change had on the space.  Inspired by the transformation, I decided to go on the hunt for new hardware for my kitchen!

My requirements:  hardware with a single hole installation (easily interchangeable with our land lord’s existing hardware), as well as hardware that was simple, clean, and contemporary.  I also looked for hardware with a polished finish (or stainless steel), I like a little shine and think it helps to make pieces look more expensive.  Lastly, since the quantity of pieces I needed was on the high side, it was important to look for affordable hardware.  Check out some of my favorites…

Contemporary Cabinet Knobs

  1.  Square Cabinet Knob, $7.40 per knob
  2. Hexagon shaped, Canfield Cabinet Knob, $11.00 per knob
  3. T Pull Knobs, $2.04 per knob
  4. Cubic, Tapered Square Cabinet Knob, $6.12 per knob
  5. Circular, Mid-Century Modern Cadet Knob, $5.80 per knob
  6. Bar Knob, $7.13 per knob
  7. Square Cabinet Pull, $5.18 per knob

Which knobs are your favorite?  Stay tuned to see what I picked and how it looks in our kitchen!

xo, emily


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